This page is intended to provide valuable resources that I have found or created over the years.  There are so many things about diabetes that a doctor or diabetes educator may not tell you (unintentionally) that can be critical to managing diabetes.

Insulin Pump

Insulin pump disadvantages

7 Reasons to NOT get an insulin pump

Advanced Insulin Pumping Techniques

Top Insulin Pump Tips

Advantages of an insulin pump

Animas or Medtronic Insulin Pump

Children with Diabetes (CWD)

504 Plan

Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar Converter

Blood Sugar (mg/dl) to A1c Chart


Medtronic’s Carelink Reviewed

Getting a Tattoo with Diabetes

Disposing of used diabetes supplies

How to locate a great doctor

My diagnosis and social media for those with diabetes

World Diabetes Day

Running with Type 1 Diabetes