So here goes my first written post in about 14 months… It’s no secret that I’m not big on writing, which is why I love recording the podcasts so much.  I want to do this post because I love home screen pics from people’s phones.  It’s one of the main reasons I like my iPhone Life subscription.  Not only do I get a sneak peek at people’s apps, but I also find new ones that I never knew about.  We have come a long way since my original cell phone back in 1995 (Motorola Flip).

Phone: Black iPhone 4S – hope to upgrade to iPhone 5S in Sept/Oct mainly because I want LTE with VZE.  This one still works GREAT with no complaints.


Case: Yes. Black InCase.  Plain and simple.  I think it’s saved my phone on a few occasions, but I’m super careful with it in general. I don’t want anything bulky because my phone is always in my pocket.

Background: Standard background. I don’t like the background being all busy making it hard to see the Apps.  My front screen is a picture of my family that I need to update because it’s probably 6 months old now and my kids are growing like weeds.

Ringtone: None. I ALWAYS have my phone on vibrate. I hate ringtones and am pretty boring here.

Call/Text ratio: I probably text 90% of the time vs. 10% actually talking to someone on my phone.  This is probably pretty standard these days unless you use the phone for a business and take calls.


Most-Used App: This is a tough one. It’s likely a three way tie for the number 2 spot between: Instagram, Facebook and HootSuite (twitter).  Most used “App” is probably Mail.  I am always doing emails for either Blogging Diabetes, my job or personal email.

Currently obsessed with: Instagram, especially since video was added. I’m quite the visual person and love scrolling through people’s photos and now videos. I also try to get motivated for dieting or working out through streams for fitness or clean eating. I’m also hooked on my Fitbit and the iOS app that syncs to my Fitbit Flex.

Last download: iTriage because I still haven’t found a new Endocrinologist yet since moving here to AZ.  Had to get my old doctor to send in a refill for the next 3 months worth of insulin.  But I need to get back on track and get my A1c tested.  Thought this App may help me find a doctor that isn’t 50 miles away.

Most surprising app on his home screen: Maybe Google+ only because I NEVER use it.  Actually this may motivate me to delete it and stop pretending it’s worth being on my phone.  Only good thing about Google+ is the hangout feature, which I really like.

Guiltiest pleasure: Candy Crush – I’m hooked and got my wife hooked too.  It’s very addicting and this is my public service message to NOT download it.


Wish more people knew about: Astrid.  This is definitely the best App I found for tracking a to-do list. It came in super handy with my move from MD to AZ for sure.

Favorite mobile game: I’m typically not big on mobile games just because they are a complete time suck.  With a family and work I just don’t have the time to waste on games. That said, Candy Crush is the one I’ve played more than any other in the past 2 years I’ve had this phone.

Clean inbox? Ab·so·lute·ly! Yes, my OCD is all about text and inbox ZERO. It has to be. Along the same lines, I can’t have ANY app with a number next to it.  This is especially true with the App store telling me there is an App or system update available.  That said, I know in the screen shot I have an update and unread tweets/podcasts.  I’m never clean on podcasts because I subscribe to too many.

Remaining battery: 100 percent. I work from home and typically keep it charged up.  I tend to crush the battery with use and always try to be prepared.  Travel days and such give me anxiety about not having enough power.  I thought about a Morphie, but just carry a charger with me everywhere including my car.  Also, the cell signal in my house SUCKS so if I don’t connect it to a charger the battery gets crushed without use just trying to find a signal.

Love this App:  Definitely eWallet. This App is encrypted and holds all of my passwords.  I upgraded from my excel spreadsheet that had all of my user ids and passwords.  It took some time to load up this app, but now I have every website, id and password with me all the time. It came in SUPER handy when I lost my credit card on vacation. Boom, just opened the app and had the telephone number, CC number and key information at my finger tips.  I use it for all my accounts and anything that has an account number, login or number I need to remember. Plus there is a sister desktop app for my iMac that syncs.  So I can make updates on my iMac and it syncs to my phone.  Love it!

Challenge: Share your screen and link to this post and we can get a group thing going on!

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