In this episode of the Blogging Diabetes podcast I do my first video podcast after 71 episodes with Eric and Lathe, co-creators of the upcoming documentary Carb Loaded. It was so much fun sitting down with these two guys to talk carbs, documentaries, diabetes and much more.  Check out their site and see these two in action in the video updates. I also enjoyed doing the video part of the podcast and want to hear from you if you prefer to see the guests or just want the audio.

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This podcast has given me the opportunity to talk with amazing people like Lathe and Eric and bring their stories and info to you. I love this podcast and I love bringing it to you each week! Also, in this episode I give a highly rated review of Scott Benner’s book that’s coming out on April 2nd. It made me laugh out loud (literally) on numerous occasions.  The chapter on marriage was off the charts and worth the price of the book two-fold.

I hope you enjoy the episode and have a great weekend!


Run time: 59:15

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