Emotional Eating with DiabetesIn this episode of the Blogging Diabetes podcast I sit down with Ginger Vieira to talk about emotional eating with diabetes.  This is her second book and a great read about something I never really thought about before.  I know I do things related to food because of diabetes, but when you break it down it’s really eye opening.  The book has awesome excerpts from folks in the diabetes community that I have a lot of respect for like Ginger. Also, stuck in at the end is a little clarification about a comment I made in episode 68 as well as a few updates about my training.

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What I love about this podcast is being able to talk with guests who I may not have ever known prior to having this show. As you’ll see in the coming weeks and in this episode, I’m talking with great people and appreciate every minute of it.

I hope you enjoy the episode and have a great weekend!


Run time: 55:35

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