In this episode of the Blogging Diabetes Podcast I cram a ton of information about a few different topics into one show.  Since I’ll be off next week for Thanksgiving and also have an interview with Kim Stebbings there is a ton packed into this one. This could have easily been divided into two different shows and might have flowed better.

I talk about a few different products and one that I rely on often for my diabetes supplies. I also do a quick review of the InBars and talk about a new cookbook I got that’s geared towards gluten-free kids and adult meals.

One important point I make is a new documentary that Ernie pointed me to (thank you Ernie) that is absolutely amazing. It’s great for the average person and x10 for those of us living with diabetes and struggling with BGs, food and weight. I hope you check it out and please let me know what you think below or via the feedback methods – “Fat Head” on Hulu (Free)

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I hope you enjoy the episode and have a great week!


Run time: 1:08:41

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