In this episode of the Blogging Diabetes Podcast I go in depth on my visit to the Lilly headquarters in Indianapolis for the Diabetes Blogger Summit with a focus on social media. It was very nice to see, interact and discuss social media with my fellow friends from the diabetes online community and Lilly Diabetes team. There was a lot of feedback given to the Lilly Diabetes team and hopefully we will see change and even more interaction. With a lot of regulations and scrutiny on pharmaceutical companies with communications and social media, it’s definitely an uphill battle, but one that can be overcome.

The environment, workspace and history of Lilly was quite impressive and you could feel the pride in their building and archives for what they have created. As I discuss, there is clearly a right way and wrong way to approach social media. If the wrong path is taken, it can be detrimental to the company and they would have been better off not doing anything. There are so many good examples of companies using social media to interact, gauge customer satisfaction, troubleshoot, listen, test and respond to customers that can be used to learn from.

I could write pages here, but it’s all in the podcast. I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions that I didn’t cover.

Important (Transparency): Lilly Diabetes invited me to attend the event at their corporate center and paid for my airfare, travel, hotel and meals while I was at the event. I was not asked to write or talk about the event and the opinions expressed herein are my own.

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Run time: 38:04

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