Blogging Diabetes Podcast Episode 24

Some topics I cover are:

  • Episode 23 Previous podcast – Interview with Brendon Livingstone from New Zealand
  • Losing a job and career because of being diagnosed with diabetes
  • Dukan Diet update
  • 4 Phases of the Dukan diet and what’s allowed in each phase
  • Update to the “Holy Grail of Diabetes” comment made a while back
  • American Diabetes Association stance on blanket driving restrictions for those with diabetes
  • – competition between friends, coworkers etc. “Lose weight and take their money”
  • – Win money for losing weight
  • – Create a contract and set a goal, money lost goes to a foundation of your choice
  • Patients continue to want access to online medical records
  • MySentry from Medtronic to monitor the blood sugars and insulin of someone like children with diabetes (CWD) – cost is steep at a discounted rate of $2,400
  • Watson computer (Jeopardy) to work with diabetes in the future
  • Study – Low protein diets can lead to increased fat storage

Run time: 43:41

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